Indian pop icon Usha Uthup will sing a song motivating youngsters to quit tobacco.

Usha Uthup
Usha Uthup

"I want to spread the message of everyday being no tobacco day. I will do the song in Bengali, Hindi and English asking people to give up tobacco as it has absolutely zero value," Uthup told PTI here today.

The "Hari Om Hari" singer also advocated no smoking zones mandatory in every household on the lines of workplace regulations.

"I have kept my whole studio as no smoking zone. In abroad people don't smoke as much as in India. In airports like Singapore there are no smoking zones.

"If the government comes forward that (no smoking zones in houses) will become reality here as well," she said on the sidelines of No Tobacco Day function hosted by an NGO MANT.

The "Darling" singer said the number of smoking scenes in film have lower down and it's a great change.

"There is such a big shift. Earlier there used to smoking scenes for everything, now that has come down to a great extent. It reflects the change in mindset of people," she said.

Uthup said she would love be part of any anti-tobacco and anti-cancer initiative to create awareness about the peril.