Usman Khwaja's controversial dismissal heavily criticised on Twitter

Kevin Rudd“I’ve just sat down to watch the test. That was one of the worst cricket umpiring decisions I have ever seen” - Kevin Rudd, Australian PM

 Iain O'Brien“Don’t blame the DRS for that. Blame the numpty 3rd umpire. Poor!” - Iain O’Brien

Michael Holding“How is it out? Is it LBW?” - Michael Holding

Tom Moody“Usman Khawaja has every right to knock on the umpires door over lunch & just ask how?” - Tom Moody

Shane WarneThere was daylight between bat and ball - there was no Hotspot and no noise. The only noise was when the bat hit his pad. That’s a shocker — that’s an absolute shocking decision. That is a ridiculous decision - Shane Warne

Dean Jones“Now that’s bullshit !!! Sorry ... Now you all know why I hate DRS! Bullshit” - Dean Jones

Alec Stewart“That is a ridiculous decision by both the on & off field umpires. DRS creating yet more controversy. Any wonder players don’t walk!” - Alec Stewart

 Aakash Chopra“DRS was introduced to eradicate the human howlers... humans are out to prove that no technology can eliminate human errors” - Aakash Chopra

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