Vadra hiding behind DLF, Cong: Kejriwal

Oct 08, 2012, 06:12 IST | Agencies

Reacting to Robert Vadra calling graft allegations against him as “utterly false, entirely baseless and defamatory”, India Against Corruption (IAC) activist Arvind Kejriwal Sunday said Vadra is hiding behind DLF and the Congress.

“He is hiding behind DLF and the Congress and questioning our motive. He should come in the open and clarify charges against him, as he has not yet responded to specific questions asked by us,” Kejriwal said.

Priyanka Gandhi And Robert Vadra
Nonsense: Priyanka’s husband Robert Vadra has called the allegation levelled by Arvind Kejriwal as utterly false, entirely baseless and defamatory. File pic

IAC members Arvind Kejriwal and Prashant Bhushan alleged on Friday that Vadra had bought properties in Gurgaon and other places at rates cheaper than in market and sold these at a huge profit.

DLF on Saturday denied it had advanced any unsecured loan to Vadra, or sold its assets to him at throwaway prices, or that there was a quid pro quo in the transactions.

The Congress has defended Vadra and challenged Kejriwal to file a complaint. Saying that he is ready to face a defamation case if taken to court, Kejriwal said, “We all live in a democracy and some genuine questions are raised by us. The son-in-law of the most powerful person in the country should address the issue and he is not doing it and is shooting the messenger.”

Vadra is married to Priyanka, daughter of Congress chief and UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi. In a statement, Vadra said that IAC members were deliberately misrepresenting numbers contained in his financial statements, manufacturing lies and maligning his family to gain cheap publicity for themselves and for the launch of their political party. He called the allegation as “utterly false, entirely baseless and defamatory”.

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