'Love can happen in the kitchen'- this proverb is common and a proven fact for many lovey-dovey couples. Also, 'the way to a man's heart is through his stomach'! Valentine’s Day in itself is a golden opportunity to reach to your man’s heart by a range of sweet delectable homemade drinks and desserts. Here is a list of some easy-to-make desserts and shakes that can add extra sweetness to your relationship. Scroll below:

1. Strawberry yogurt

Desserts you can make at home for valentine's day
Strawberry yogurt

All you need to make this delicious dessert is a cup of yogurt, strawberry slices, crushed sugar, milk powder, fresh cream and a mixer grinder. It will not take more than 20 mins to make a bowl of delectable strawberry yogurt for your valentine.

2. Kiwi smoothie
Desserts you can make at home for valentine's day
Kiwi smoothie

A glass of chilled vibrant green colour kiwi smoothie is not only a treat to the eye, but also to the tongue. The drink is rich in vitamin C, antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids. Kiwi smoothie can be consumed in different ways for different tastes like Kiwi mint smoothie, Kiwi lime smoothie and Kiwi cucumber smoothie.

3. Oreo cookie shake

Desserts you can make at home for valentine's day
Oreo cookie shake

Almost everyone's favourite, Oreo cookie shake is one of the most easy-to-make drinks at home. Crush brownies and oreo cookies in separately and blend chilled milk in a blender. Later add the crushed cookies and brownies to the blended milk and pour it in a glass. You can always add blended vanilla ice-cream and whipped cream for taste and thickness. Garnish with brownie cookie slices for a better look and aurprise your beloved with an awesome hommade shake.

4. Custard

Desserts you can make at home for valentine's day

This regular dessert can also be made on the eve of Valentine's Day. To add extra sweetness, add fruits like mango slices, pomegranates, banana slices and strawberries to the regular custrad. ALso, spinkle saffron to add on to the look and richness of the dessert.

5. Banana cake

Desserts you can make at home for valentine's day
Banana cake

This dessert is an excellent alternative to banana bread. Banana is the only extra ingredient apart from the regular cake ingredients required to make this dessert. Banana cake is best consumed warm to feel its fresh fluffiness and essence of mashed bananas. 

6. Koolfie falooda

Koolfie faloodaKoolfie falooda

Try to make this popular Indian dessert at home on the eve of Valentine's Day to surprise your better half. Falooda (corn starch vermicelli) is a delicious topping on the regular coolfie. Add mango, kesar pista or any other flavour of your choice to the flooda to make the dessert more lip-smacking. After all, Valentine's Day dessert should be something special and different from the regular ones.

Please note: All the ingredients are readily available. So rush to your nearby grocery store, collect the ingredients and make these delectable sweet treats at home in a short time of span. Sit with your better half in the cosy corner of your home, play soft music at the background, and enjoy a romantic evening over a bowl of dessert or glass of shakes.