Former Manchester United striker Dwight Yorke has backed current Netherlands manager Louis van Gaal to take the English giants out of their current slump in form that saw them finish seventh in the English Premier League.

Dwight Yorke
Dwight Yorke 

"The biggest challenge was to replace Sir Alex Ferguson after 27 years. However, Manchester United is not all about the football club and the results. It might be unfair to sack David Moyes, but I think the directors did the right thing.

Louis van Gaal is having a great World Cup here in Brazil for his country. I am sure, he will deliver and the next season should be far better with him at the helm," said Yorke.

Yorke, however, picked South American giants Argentina and Brazil as his favourite sides in the ongoing World Cup over Van Gaal's Netherlands.

"I agree that both the teams depend on one star player more than anybody else. But that's the culture in South America. And it all started with Pele for Brazil.

Then Argentina had Diego (Maradona). The whole of Argentina thought he would win them the World Cup and he did. Now the same (expectation) is on Lionel Messi's shoulders.

All the other teams, especially the European nations, want to look at the team first. But in South America, they look at individuals first," he added.