This is what Varun Dhawan has to say on Govinda's accusations against father David Dhawan

Varun Dhawan
Varun Dhawan

At the launch of his film's song on Saturday, Varun Dhawan chose to remain mum on Govinda's remarks about his father, filmmaker David Dhawan, in an interview with hitlist ('David didn't stand by me in bad times', Feb 10).

The '90s superstar had lashed out at Dhawan Sr, saying, "He may respect me as an actor, but not as a friend. I stood by him when he was down and out, but he didn't do the same." The hit actor and director had collaborated on 17 films, their last being Partner (2007).

a grab of Govinda’s interview published on February 10
a grab of Govinda’s interview published on February 10

However, when Govinda was keen to team up with David again, the director allegedly ignored him. "He told my secretary that if there were a small role in a film, he may approach me. 'Govinda asks a lot of unnecessary questions, I don't wish to work him,' he said. I was taken aback."

Asked to react to the accusations, Varun said, "I have not heard it." When the journo offered to read out Govinda's remarks, the actor said, "I can't hear anything."

  • Julia Fernandes16-Feb-2017

    Good reply Varun. One should not stoop at Govinda's low level as he is frustrated, as no one is taking him in films now.

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