Varun Dhawan, Rajesh Khattar to dub for Hindi version of 'Captain America: Civil War'

Chilbuli Pandey

Varun Dhawan is the latest Bollywood actor to lend his voice to the Hindi version of a Hollywood flick.

Rajesh Khattar and Varun Dhawan
Rajesh Khattar and Varun Dhawan

He has dubbed for Chris Evans’ character of Steve Rogers aka Captain America in the upcoming film, Captain America: Civil War. Varun took it up as a challenge to mouth Captain America’s lines.

Giving him company as Tony Stark aka Iron Man is Rajesh Khattar who has dubbed for Robert Downey Jr’s character. The film has a lot of confrontation scenes laced with wry humour. Should be fun hearing it with a desi touch.

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