Varun Dhawan's drama over a selfie

Varun Dhawan apparently turned down a young fan's request to pose with him

Varun Dhawan has been shooting for Sriram Raghavan's 'Badlapur' over the past few weeks and sources say that during this shoot, he refused to pose for a selfie with a little boy.

Varun Dhawan
Varun Dhawan

A source says, "Varun was shooting at a public place and many people had gathered around to witness the shoot. In between shots, a little boy approached him to click a picture with him and Varun turned him down. The boy's parents too were with him and they were surprised to hear his response."

It is being said that the boy broke into tears when Varun did not agree to pose for a photograph. An eyewitness says, “The boy was very disappointed and he started crying. His parents tried to pacify him but to no avail. They were heard telling others that their kid is a big fan of the actor and that he is upset as his favourite actor hasn't posed with him. Later on, they tried to talk to Varun, but couldn't get around to it. After some time, Varun got word about this and he decided to pose as if it's a formality."

While Varun remained unavailable for comment, a close friend of the actor denies that Varun was rude towards the kid. "Varun was wearing a prosthetic and he did not want his look to be leaked out; this is why he did not agree to a photo initially. In any case, he gave in eventually and posed with his fan," says the friend.

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