Four months after Vashi residents were categorised as locals of Raigarh district in their unique identity cards, the Unique Identification Authority of India commits the same mistake again 

The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has again reportedly failed to fix technical glitches in its software, which has resulted in wrong addresses being mentioned in the unique identity number (UID) cards of Vashi residents. Four months ago, when Vashi locals checked their acknowledgement forms online, they were shocked to discover that the software had erroneously categorised them as residents of the Raigarh district, even though the Navi Mumbai township is situated in Thane.

When the issue of wrong address was raised in MiD DAY (10,000 unique IDs may reach wrong addresses -- dated September 30, 2011), the UIDAI officials in Mumbai termed it as a minor glitch and claimed that the final UID number cards would have correct addresses. However, Vashi residents were appalled after discovering wrong addresses in the UID number cards, which they received in the last few days.

Prafulla Mhatre, a Vashi resident said, "UIDAI did not respond to our queries when we initially complained about the wrong addresses in our enrollment receipts. However, when the story appeared in MiD DAY, the UIDAI authorities assured us that our addresses would be rectified in the UID number cards. But the addresses have still not been corrected. We don't know what to do as our queries and complaints are hardly addressed by the UIDAI officials." However, the UIDAI has claimed that the wrong addresses cannot be rectified till a new updating system is introduced. Ajay Bhushan Pande, deputy director general of UIDAI said, "Wrong addresses had appeared on the forms and receipts of Vashi residents during their enrollment for AADHAR due to the overlap of information in our central software. Right now, we can't change anything. However, we are working on updating the UID number policy, which is likely to be introduced in the next four-six months. Once the updating system is launched then the addresses of Vashi residents will be rectified."