Vashi station manager turns saviour for student

The Vashi station manager emerged as a saviour for a 21-year-old fine arts student, who had forgotten his design portfolio in a coach of a local train. Here's a graphical representation of the sequence of events

1. While most of us complain of the apathetic behaviour of officials, Prasad Vedvikyat’s experience with railway officials reinstated his trust in them. The fine arts student had just met his friend in Thane and boarded a 12.13 pm
Vashi-bound train. The 21-yr-old placed his folder of designs and submissions on the rack above the seat.

2. Vedvikyat, who was travelling in the first class compartment of the train, alighted at Rabale station. When he reached the exterior of the station, he realised he had forgotten his assignment in the train and rushed to the booking supervisor at Rabale. The officer took down his details — the train he was travelling in, the compartment, etc. The 21-year-old, with little hope of getting his portfolio back, returned home worrying about his submissions. Sudarshan Khurana, the Vashi station manager, who had been informed of the missing portfolio, rushed to the platform around 12.41 pm and entered the compartment where Vedvikyat had said he had left it, and retrieved the folder.

The student and his saviour

3. Khurana immediately informed an overjoyed Vedvikyat, who rushed to Vashi. Once he reached Vashi, Khurana returned the folder, much to the joy and relief of Vedvikyat. Khurana later said, “For the boy I was like an angel. He kept thanking me repeatedly, as he was worried he would have had to redo all his designs again for college.”

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