Vettel confident of defending F1 title in 2014 despite testing woes

London: Four time world champion Sebastian Vettel is all set to defend his Formula One title in the upcoming Grand Prix season despite 'underdog' tag and Red Bull's disastrous test run.

Vettel has said that they did not do much 'running' as they would have liked in 'testing', still it would be good to kick off the first race of Grand Prix season next week.

Sebastian Vettel
Sebastian Vettel. Pic/ AFP

According to the Mirror, Vettel said that it is hard to know where his team stand's as others have completed more 'mileage' but added that they would do their best with the ''great people'' that they have working for Red Bull.

Vettel further added that they often have 'unpredictable' weather in Melbourne and he said that Turn 12 on the track is important and 'fast' and he also likes the start into the Jones chicane, where the track is very narrow. Vettel also said that he loves Formula One racing and cannot wait to ''get going''.

Red Bull have reportedly had a disastrous season of pre-season tests completing just 222 laps, which is less than half of all their key rivals, and even though most races will be over 50 laps, Vettel's race machine is yet to last more than 20.

Vettel reportedly exploded in fury at the team, as the racer has not had the chance to put in a truly competitive lap time in three tests and suffered a series of blow-ups and breakdowns.

Weight concerns for Button, Hamilton

McLaren driver Jenson Button has reportedly revealed that both he and Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton are facing a weight battle ahead of the upcoming Grand Prix.

Formula One Grand Prix, which kick starts in Australia in March, rule makers have imposed new weight restrictions allowing only 49kgs for the heavier turbo hybrid engines this season amongst other changes.

According to the Mirror, the taller and heavier drivers are struggling to be competitive with their shorter, lighter rivals and Mark Webber, who has departed from Red Bull, has warned drivers over 64kgs that they will not be competitive.

However, Button who is reportedly the lightest of his life at 70kgs, said that if he does not lose weight McLaren would be limited in weight distribution and this is the ‘slimmest’ he has ever been before a season. Button also added that he talked to Hamilton and said that Hamilton’s ‘taller’ haircut makes him look tall but he is ‘skinnier’ than ever.

The six-foot tall racer also said that being slim is part of the job for all athletes but the problem is that the other athletes are very ‘slim, fit and healthy’ whereas the Formula One racers are ‘slim’ because they are ‘restricted’ on how much they can ‘eat’.

Button further added that though his weight loss may sound small but in qualifying it could be a position or two and in the race it could be five or six seconds. 



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