Video: Ajay Devgn shoots for 'Shivaay' at minus 19 degrees in Bulgaria

Here's a sneak-peek into Ajay Devgn shooting at a height of a staggering 2,914 meters above sea level for 'Shivaay'.

Ajay Devgn
Ajay Devgn

We hear, Devgn and his team were shooting at the highest peak of Bulgaria's Pirin Mountains at Vihren peak in Bansko.

Ajay Devgn

There was heavy snowfall the night before and the temperatures were running record low at the time.

Due to the extreme cold, Devgn suddenly got hypothermia. The doctor advised at least 2 days of rest but Ajay Devgn was back in 30 minutes inspite of the temperature that they were shooting in. It was -19 degrees celsius.

The doctor attributed Devgn's sudden hypothermia to the tough terrain and lack of adequate warm clothing.

While the unit was exhausted but prepped for the cold, bundled in layers of woolens, Devgn was in costume and was only clad in a T-shirt and a jacket.

Also, the chopper hovering over his head at a high altitude blew a lot of snow and ice around the area where Devgn was shooting.

The Bulgarian crew, though used to extreme cold conditions, were worried about the 40-minute non-stop chopper shoot that Ajay Devgn pulled off on top of the Vihren Peak.

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