That junk food is unhealthy is a known fact. But a city doctor recently found out that it wasn’t just the fat and calories she had to worry about; it was a piece of sharp metal wire sticking out from a burger. A doctor from KEM Hospital recently bit into a McDonald’s burger and found a piece of metal wire inside the patty.

The incident occurred on August 23 when Dr Shubhangi Mahajan (26) and Dr Anshudeep Dodake (27) went to the Lower Parel outlet of McDonald’s to have lunch. They ordered a veg burger and a few other items. When Mahajan bit into her burger, she found something solid stick in her mouth. Upon retrieving the strange item, the duo found it to be a sharp metal wire, about 4-5 centimetres long.

The sharp piece of metal wire sticking out of the patty
The sharp piece of metal wire sticking out of the patty

The piece was sharp at both its ends. “Being a doctor, I can very firmly state that the piece of unknown metal could have brought serious medical complications had it been consumed along with the piece of burger,” said Mahajan.

“Had my friend consumed the piece of metal, it could have caused serious trauma to her entire gastro-intestinal tract or even a perforation; it could’ve triggered grievous health problems.

Dr Shubhangi Mahajan Dr Anshudeep Dodake
Dr Shubhangi Mahajan and Dr Anshudeep Dodake had gone for lunch at the Lower Parel outlet of McDonald’s outlet on August 23

In addition, we don’t know about the chemical nature of this substance, whether it was toxic or not. Such negligence is not expected of a multi-national food chain like McDonalds,” said Dodake.

‘Give us feedback’
When the duo approached the concerned employees of the outlet, they were given a new burger but refused to let the complainant, Dodake, speak to the higher authorities. Upon insisting that they wished to register a complaint, the authorities simply asked them to fill the feedback form.

Mahajan duly did so and narrated the whole incident on the form. Yet, there was no action. Further, when Dodake went with a complaint letter on Tuesday to the outlet, the managers refused to accept it, saying they didn’t have the authority to accept such grievances.

The management only replied on Wednesday, after the complainant had sent a second letter to the concerned authorities on Tuesday.