Video: When it rained inside the Mumbai Metro!

Jul 03, 2014, 14:12 IST | A Correspondent

The Mumbai Metro was expected to ease commuters’ woes, but the heavy rain on Wednesday did not spare the Metro travelers as well, with water seeping into a compartment. Watch the video

There were amusing reactions on Twitter as the video of the leaking Mumbai Metro went viral. Here are some.

@sapanv: If you're running late, just take a shower on your way to office in the new Mumbai Metro.

@thevirdas: Ever stand there in the shower, naked, vulnerable, drenched & feel like someone's watching you? Then realise you're just on the MumbaiMetro?

@sensandipan: Mumbai Metro... Brings you closer to nature via a leaky ceiling...

@mainbhiengineer: It was raining inside Mumbai Metro, Akshay Kumar must be thinking that he missed a chance of rain dance with some hot heroine in saare.

@Vidyut: Mumbaikars are always complaining. First complain because no rain. Now complain because there IS rain... in Metro train.

@RahulDumbGandhi: Dear Delhi Ppl, U dont have the shower & rain dance facility in ur Metro Trains. Mumbai Metro rocks.

@Vaishali_BJYM: Mumbai metro gave city what suburban railway cudn't, it gave the citizens travelling an opportunity of 'rain-dance'

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