Apparently her closeness to beau Siddharth Roy Kapoor has also led to her fluency in the language 

They say love knows no language. And it looks like the new brand ambassador of West Bengal, Vidya Balan's fondness for Bengali has only got her closer to the love of her life.

Vidya's beau Siddharth Roy Kapoor is half Bengali and the two apparently converse only in Bengali most of the time.

Says a source, "Vidya has always said that she feels she was a Bengali in her past life. Her affection for the language and the culture isn't hidden.

So it's obvious that she would talk in Bengali whenever she gets a chance and it helps that Siddharth speaks the same language too."

Apparently when Siddharth used to visit her on the sets of The Dirty Picture, they would often talk in Bengali, and since not many people around understood the language, it was a safer bet.

Adds a source, "They even exchange a lot of Bengali music and poetry since Vidya is very interested in Kolkata's art and culture. It's also one of the reasons they get along so well."

We also hear that she has several offers from the Kolkata film industry as well. We wonder if Siddharth Babu also addresses the actress as Bidya �