Priyanka Chopra known for her ability to mimic actors chose to imitate Vidya Balan, as 'Silk' in the movie 'The Dirty Picture' during the recently concluded Zee Cine Awards.

In a rare show of camaraderie, Vidya showed no signs of getting offended by Priyanka's spoof on her, rather, the versatile actress took the whole thing in a very sporty manner and after the act personally went to tell Piggy Chops that it looked very funny.

"Vidya takes it in a good spirit. I wore a fat suit to imitate her. After the act she herself told me how funny it looked. She wasn''t offended at all. She is extremely sporting," Priyanka said.

"Vidya was great in ''The Dirty Picture''. Very few actresses have the courage to gain about 15 kgs for a role!" she added.