You've seen her deliver performances stronger than anyone else. You've seen her take on roles others wouldn't dare to touch.

You've seen her transform herself from a rustic beauty to a raunchy hottie. Now watch her perform live for the first time ever! Vidya Balan, who set the box-office on fire with her dhamakedaar performance in The Dirty Picture, will be performing live.
The actress who always preferred to grace award ceremonies in her trademark silk sarees will shed the six-yard garment and don a raapchik costume as she gets ready to mesmerise one and all with her thumkas, latkas and matkas to her phenomenally successful song, Ooh La La.

The rehearsals for the dance are currently on in full swing, and this is going to be one delightfully entertaining performance for sure.
Well, as they said in The Dirty Picture... films run only on three things: entertainment, entertainment and entertainment... and Vidya Balan definitely is entertainment!