Viewers react to the big Diwali release - RA.One

Oct 27, 2011, 08:20 IST | Divya Unny
If they had spent half the money they did on good writing, like in Bicentennial Man, they would have had a winner on hand. Neither am I absolutely scared of RA.One nor do I feel anything for G.One because the hero had no personality, unlike Chitti in Robot who you can actually relate to. There was a lot of chaos in terms of how they should go about the video game. And I just can't fathom how a 12-year-old tries to act as a smart scientist trying to revive gaming characters. 
- Anusha Khanna, 32, TV executive, 
I loved the film only because I am a Shah Rukh Khan fan. The story was a little funny and I think he was wasted in the film.
- Sita Subramaniam, 14, student
The movie was a great attempt, but could not live up to my expectations. I think it's a complete waste of money because the animation and the graphics could have been far better, when you compare it to films like Iron Man and Spiderman. In India we have such good resources for graphics but it is not put to good use. The story was a week point, but the effects could have made it worth watching again. Sadly it is just a one-time watch
- Ranish Pandit, 31, editor
The movie is s**t. There is no proper direction. I would have been more interested in knowing the whole process of how RA.One is created rather than the love story between a robot and the actress. It's a waste of an effort. I'd rather sit at home and play my PS3 than watch RA.One.
- Vinay Joshi, 38, real estate agent 
Even a die-hard SRK fan like me woke up with a headache post the second half of the film. The script was wobbly and screenplay needed major rework. The jokes were absolutely has-been and the music worse than mediocre. The only saving grace are the special effects, but effects do not make a film. An honest story does, which RA.One lacks.
- Beena Nair, 29, professor


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