Vijender must come clean

Boxer Vijender Singh embroiled in a doping controversy is finding it increasingly difficult to bob and weave out of this one. The police has questioned India’s Olympic bronze medallist boxer, after his friend Ram Singh confessed to the police that Vijender and he did do drugs.

This is the other side of fame, the minute you are sucked into a controversy; it is the famous whose names make headlines. It is the star that people start shouting about and judging. Sometimes premature conclusions are made in an instant. However, it is part of the package deal of fame and a reflection of the world we live in, where celebrities are under scrutiny more than ever.

Vijender must realise that making inane statements is not earning him more fans and even isolating existing ones. However high the price, he has to come clean about his role in the heroin mess. When the news was just airing on various media channels about him being embroiled in the controversy, reports surfaced about him saying that if he had taken dope he would have been caught in various anti-doping tests.

Vijender must know that performance-enhancing substances in sport and heroin are two different things completely. Then, his friend Ram Singh claimed that he and Vijender had taken dope but it was unknowingly, thinking it was a food supplement. One can only say that reports will not be held responsible if you die laughing at the ridiculousness of that.

Now, Vijender, the poster boy of Indian boxing, is back in the news saying he refuses to give blood and hair samples to the police citing humiliation. Vijender is behaving like a man who has something to hide. The boxer must know that like in a bout, so in life — sometimes it is better to take it on the chin and roll with the punches.

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