Vikas Bhalla wants Prince or Suyyash to win 'Bigg Boss 9'

Nov 02, 2015, 13:32 IST | PTI

Singer-actor Vikas Bhalla is out of the "Bigg Boss" house but has his best wishes for co-contestants Prince Narula and Suyyash Rai as he feels they are entertaining and have the winning qualities.

The 43-year-old actor and singer Arvind Vegda have been eliminated from the celebrity reality show in the double eviction over the weekend.

Vikas Bhalla

The "Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin" actor said while leaving the house, he advised Prince and Suyyash to keep their temper in
check as that is their weakness on the show.

"I wish Prince or Suyyash win as both are deserving. They are entertaining too. Both perform tasks really well, they have the passion to complete the tasks. Everyone enjoys them. There is only one thing, their temper, which they should control. I told them if they do this they can win the show," Vikas told PTI.

When asked which contestant he did not like in the house, Vikas said, "I felt Aman used to get stubborn many times and he tried targeting Suyyash unnecessary. Also there were some hygiene issues with him."

The singer was often seen talking bad about other contestants' behind their back and eavesdropping on other's conversations and sharing them with his friends. Vikas said this was not a part of his surviving strategy but he did so to alert his friends.

"Yes I did that a few times but it was only because I wanted my friends to know who is faking with them. Like I once saw Aman complaining about lack of sugar in the house. He asked others, 'Why are sugar paranthas being made when there is less sugar in the kitchen', when in real he used to eat those paranthas, made by Prince. So, I went and informed about this to Prince and Suyyash about how Aman talks behind their back."

On his eviction, Vikas said his small innings on the show was because of his peace-loving nature. "I think I got evicted because I went to spread love and happiness in the house and this show demands controversy. It has a fixed format and enjoys a loyal audience, who wants to see controversies. I went inside to taste my old popularity again but I was very clear I would never stoop down to survive."

The actor said though he enjoyed every bit of his time inside the Bigg Boss house, he would not like to return to the show as a wild-card entry.

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