Vikram Bhatt: Sapna and I had some misunderstanding about a scene

Feb 02, 2015, 07:30 IST | PTI

Writer-director Vikram Bhatt has admitted that there was some misunderstanding between him and 'Khamoshiyan' leading lady Sapna Pabbi.

Vikram Bhatt
Vikram Bhatt Pic/Atul Kamble

Vikram, who has written the story of the erotic thriller, says Sapna, who made her debut with the recent release, was sceptical about an intimate scene.

"Sapna is just a kid, she will learn. There was a scene, which was integral to the story. She initially agreed but was jittery at the time of shooting. I took her aside and discussed it openly with her and she eventually did it," Vikram said.

The filmmaker said he understood her nervousness but they had to go ahead with the shooting of the film, which also stars Gurmeet Chaudhry and Ali Fazal.

Vikram said he had intended to use the 'Khamoshiyan' story, directed by Karan Darra, as 'Haunted 2' but that film did not take off.

"There was an opening in the Bhatt camp for a supernatural film and I am busy with 'Mr X'. So, Karan directed the film. It was his baby I was there only to give creative inputs," he said.

Vikram has not been a favourite with critics but the director said he is least bothered about it and is hopeful that 'Khamoshiyan', which hit theatres last Friday, will do good.

"The film will do well economically. It has a young cast, a good story and made on low budget. I don't believe in making those high-brow films that the audience does not understand."

Talking about the horror-genre, Vikram said Indian audience don't enjoy the slasher films that are popular in Hollywood and like an emotional story even in a supernatural thriller.

"'Khamoshiyan' is emotional like 'Raaz'. Horror films in India always have a strong love story. Hollywood style horror where there is a lot of blood and gore don't work here," he said.

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