A gas station clerk in the US turned the tables on a pair of robbers, who tried to rob a convenience store bank bag, thanks to his years of training in martial arts

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Houston Gas station clerk
Mayura Dissanayake, a gas station clerk in Houston foiled a robbery attempt

Mayura Dissanayake, the Sri Lankan born clerk was behind the cash register of a gas station in Houston, when he saw his co-worker, who was returning from a bank with a bag full of money being ambushed by two robbers.

Dissanayake sprinted outside and kicked one assailant and then punched the other one. Surprised by the counter attack the thieves tried to escape. Dissanayake subdued one with kicks as the other assailant escaped.

Video Courtesy: You Tube

Dissanayake, is an amateur MMA fighter and his years of martial arts training helped him turn the tables on the robbers with ease. The video footage has gone viral and has Dissanayake is being hailed as a hero.