Viral Video: How to tackle people who urinate in public

So for those who have the audacity to urinate in public, be careful! A group of crusaders are out on the streets of Mumbai in order to bring these serial public pissers to book.

Video courtesy: Youtube

Named 'The Clean Indian', this anonymous group of people roam around the streets of the city armed with a giant water tanker and water hoses. They spray water on the culprits using these weapons and yet manage to conceal their identity.

With a 'You Stop. We Stop.' motto, they also have a twitter account which is as anonymous as they are.

So the next time you wish to wet the walls of our city, beware, someone is out there to wet your pants as well!



  • stan05-May-2014

    Bad move by these so called crusaders. Agree with the above comment. Also,get me a public toilet sign board on any road in Mumbai ? Looks like some channel cheap tricks are behind this move

  • bazigar05-May-2014

    This is utter nonsense of some useless people.Do they ever realise first there should be proper public toilet which cities lacking.

  • nishant05-May-2014

    Well these guys should also look at installing public urinals across city and more importantly keep them clean as well.. just spraying water at public who urinate around isn't going to solve the issue is it?

  • Subhrajit Chakravorty06-May-2014

    It's a very good step. But proper alternative arrangement of roadside toilets should be made available at appropriate distances.

  • Shri Ayyangar05-May-2014

    Though they claim to be the solution, but this isn't the solution. Are there enough public toilets in the vicinity is the right question to ask? If there were enough public toilets, no one would be forced to piss on the roads. First fix the root cause of the problem, then take up steps like these! Hang on - Did anyone think on the water wastage through this method by spraying water via water tankers? In India there is a clear lack of sanitation facilities and also water scarcity!

  • Sam06-May-2014

    A good starting point but the group should also focus on getting some actual changes like have clean public bathrooms available to the public.

  • Ravi mudappa06-May-2014

    This is not funny. Why doesn't the government build more public toilets instead???

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