Viral video: Boy performing train stunt falls off Mumbai localBoy swinging near the door. Pic/YouTube

In yet another horrific incident, a video has emerged showing a youngster from Mumbai falling off a Mumbai local train while he was trying to swing from the side of the train while in a squatting position and holding onto the handlebar of a coach.

In the video, the youth whose identity is yet to be ascertained, falls down from the train with a jerk after hitting a pole along the railway tracks making a loud 'thud' when his head dashes pole.

According to GRP officials, the accident took place between Charni Road and Grant Road stations.

The events followed by the accident is still unclear as no reports of death were informed to the police as per mandatory procedure. GRP officials said that as of now there is no confirmation on his death.

The source of the video is being probed for further action.

Watch video here (Viewers discretion is advised)