Virat Kohli hurt with former cricketers' negative comments

India Test skipper hits back at some former cricketers, who only 'like to focus on negatives'

New Delhi: India's Test captain Virat Kohli is unhappy that some of the former international cricketers have run down the team despite their comprehensive 3-0 win against South Africa in the recently concluded Test series.

Virat Kohli during the fourth Test vs South Africa at the Feroz Shah Kotla in New Delhi last week. Pic/AFP
Virat Kohli during the fourth Test vs South Africa at the Feroz Shah Kotla in New Delhi last week. Pic/AFP

Kohli is "hurt" that some of the former players, who have not even played for the country, give their opinion on international cricketers.

With Mohali and Nagpur Test matches on spin-friendly tracks ending inside three days, Kohli is certainly not amused with the kind of response he has got from former players, who have now become media pundits.

"It obviously hurts when people who have played the game themselves make such comments. I am not saying all of them do it. Some of them understand the mindset of the players, having gone through similar situations in their careers.

They lend you support, say the right thing and even help you with certain technicalities. But some people like to focus on the negatives. It feels bad as an Indian cricketer," Kohli told

He did pull back any punches while being critical of these former stars without naming anyone. "Growing up, you have looked up to these people and when you hear such comments from them you lose a bit of respect for them.

Losing respect
"It would be more respectful of them to come up and speak to a player individually if they feel there is some flaw that needs to be corrected," the skipper was forthright with what he felt about the comments.

While he still respects those who have played for the country, Kohli found it difficult to fathom as to how some former first-class cricketers who never played for the country made adverse remarks.

"And someone who hasn't played for the country has no right in anyway to comment on an international cricketer. I don't think that has any kind of logic. You cannot sit there and say how you would have done something differently when you have not been in that situation yourself and don't have the mindset of a cricketer," Kohli, who won his second successive series as captain after the Sri Lanka triumph, said.

Kohli again expressed his displeasure at how the team has not been given their due credit despite such a handsome series win. "It is a pity. The series happened in our country and our own people are looking for weaknesses and areas of criticism, and not speaking enough about good cricket we played," Kohli said.



  • annu11-Dec-2015

    RE-SENTWho says India is not tolerant. That was not cricket by world no.1 team. It was excruciating pain in slow motion. Indians tolerated it. in similar situations, indian teams trying to waste time to earn a draw have been booed by spectators and criticized by media.But,in this match, SA players are pretending to be heroes. Once mighty SA have disgraced themselves by resorting to such shameless tactics. They did not play cricket as it is supposed to be.Period.That one of the finest b

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