Vishal Bhardwaj hosts special screening of 'Haider' for Pavan Jha

Chulbuli Pandey

Stories of kindness always spreads fast. Vishal and Rekha Bhardwaj (below) showed the humane side to them when they arranged for a special screening of Haider for Pavan Jha, a music aficionado in Jaipur, who is also a close associate of Gulzar.

Vishal and Rekha Bhardwaj

Jha is battling cancer and is advised against visiting cinema halls, but he really wanted to watch the film.

Tweets by Pavan Jha
Tweets by Pavan Jha

When the filmmaker-singer couple came to know of his desire, they ensured that he has a private screening of the much-appreciated film in his own city. Touching.

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