Viswanathan Anand mum on strategy... what an idea!

Apr 03, 2014, 01:25 IST | PTI

Chennai: He has rediscovered his wizardry in the game of 64 squares by winning the Candidates tournament and Viswanathan Anand is now "working on quite a few ideas" to counter the threat of numero uno player Magnus Carlsen in his quest to regain the World Championship title later this year.

Viswanathan Anand
Viswanathan Anand

Formation of thoughts
"My thoughts are already starting to form. I have got quite a few ideas about what I am going to do. Over the next few months or so I will try to crystallise my thoughts, make some plans.

Through April I am taking a break," Anand yesterday. Five-time world champion Anand lost the crown to Carlsen November last, paving the way for a revenge match with the Norwegian.

He had earned the right to play Carlsen after he won the 2014 FIDE Candidates tournament after settling for a draw with Sergey Karjakin of Russia in the 13th and penultimate round last on Saturday.

"I know for sure that I would be playing Carlsen, but I am not going to make my plans openly. I do not think I should be discussing this now," Anand said when asked if he would bring about changes to his game this time around.

About the upcoming big match, he added: "Well, the match is very important. It is not what you plan that you get. As I have said, I have my ideas and I am not going to discuss about it.

Everything is looking positive. So, I will not tell you what my strategies will be." The 44-year-old said such wins (Candidates tournament) are very important and helps in changing one's outlook.

"In this case I would say the situation has not changed entirely. In fact, one good result has changed everything already. You simply needed such a victory at some point of time," Anand said.

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