Vivek Agnihotri fails to recognise Ashton Kutcher

This one was a classic case of mistaken identity. Vivek Agnihotri was in Delhi recently and bumped into Ashton Kutcher at a hotel in the capital city. While the two chatted casually about the weather, sources say that the filmmaker had no idea that he had been in conversation with the Hollywood actor.

Vivek Agnihotri
Vivek Agnihotri

Our source says, “Vivek was in Delhi for a recce of his upcoming political saga. Ashton too was in Delhi as he is busy working on his next film, where he plays Steve Jobs. Both of them were staying at Hotel Claridges.”

Ashton Kutcher
Ashton Kutcher

During one of the mornings at the hotel, Vivek was waiting for his car in the lobby, when apparently a “hippie looking lean guy” appeared in the lobby to wait for his vehicle. The source adds that the two chatted about the weather and the fact that they were both working on “shoestring budget films”.¬†They shared a laugh and proceeded towards their respective cars. The source says, “Vivek knew that the crew of Ashton’s film was staying at the same hotel and assumed that the ‘hippie man’ was just another actor from the team.”

It was only when the hotel’s duty manager informed Vivek that he had in fact been chatting to Ashton all the while, the filmmaker realised the actor’s true identity. Speaking to us, Vivek admits, “With the get-up he was in, it was difficult to recognise him. It’s a lesson learnt how stars get into the skin of their characters!” Ashton is currently touring India for his upcoming biopic on Steve Jobs.¬†

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