It was a case of a stunt gone very wrong. On the sets of Kumar Taurani’s next film, a stuntman received a severe head injury. The particular scene had Vivek Oberoi involved in an action sequence with a handful of stuntmen. As soon as the incident took place, Vivek rang for the doctor and returned to shooting only after the situation was addressed.

A source from the sets says, “The action sequence was being picturised at Filmalaya Studios in Andheri. The stuntmen got a little carried away during the shot and took a somersault after Vivek punched him.

Unfortunately for him, he had a bad fall and although everything appeared fine at first, he suddenly had a blackout. When Vivek realised it, he immediately took him to his vanity van.” After the doctor gave an okay, the stuntman was given the rest of the day off.