Refuses to light up a cigarette for 'Zilla Ghaziabad' unless an anti-smoking clip is shown before the start of the film

Vivek Oberoi is taking his anti-smoking crusade seriously. The actor apparently refused to light up a cigarette for a scene in his forthcoming Zilla Ghaziabad recently.

The producers, of course, couldn't give in to his demand as the actor plays a gangster from UP and hence smoking is crucial to the scene.

They did, however, agree to add an anti-smoking clip at the beginning of the film, after which he reluctantly agreed to smoke up.

Adds a source, "Vivek had a altercation with the filmmakers because he has been very particular about not smoking on and off screen. He was hooked to smoking before and he knows how difficult it is to kick the butt.
So he wants to avoid doing anything that will encourage the habit amongst youngsters." In the proposed anti-smoking clip, he will talk about the hazards of smoking.

Also, the actor has especially ordered electronic cigarettes from the US as they have lesser nicotine content. "Many Hollywood stars use them in case of scenes where they have no choice but to smoke.
This is the first time it would be used in a Hindi film," a source adds. A smokin' idea we say!