Walk into this chocolate haven

With innovative options like Seasalt Caramel Chocolate and Sesame Chocolate, this new outlet is surely worth a visit. Chocolate lovers must try their Chilli Chocolate and heart-warming Expresso Chocolate

Chocolate, the food of the gods, always draws us into its snare.

So, when we see a new bright cream and brown cottage with La Chocolaterie written on its awning, we smack our lips, take a sip of water to clear our palate and march in.

Seasalt Caramel Chocolate

The young enthusiastic owner welcomed us with a wide grin and incessant chatter.
The wall behind the chocolate showcase gave information that we are proud to quote: "You must have a square meal a day, a bar of chocolate." Done by Mario Miranda, this one was a classic.

Apart from this, Cocoa Cottage displayed on its walls, various packaging options baby shower chocolate hampers, chocolate candles and more. We could well have been in Hansel and Gretel land.

With uncontainable excitement, we ran to try out a whole box of assorted chocolates.

The denims, that we were planning to shop for soon after that, reminded the better of us. So, we picked and tried the most unusual of the lot.

We began with a Seasalt Caramel Chocolate. Shaped like a shell, this one obviously uses good quality caramel but we wished that the salt factor would have been more prominent.

Next, we tried a Sesame Chocolate. This one was a little ball topped with crunchy sesame seeds, a very Japanese little chocolate.

Then, it was time for the Creme Brulee. This white chocolate was far too milky and cloying for our taste.

Expresso Chocolate

We tried to balance it with a Chilli Chocolate, which turned out to be a good choice. The chilli goes down subtly and lets the chocolate envelop and cuddle it.

Next, we moved to a few regulars. the Roasted Almond was a nice choice, so was the case with the Orange. We recommend you cleanse your palate with a final Espresso Chocolate. This one emerged the winner a brilliant shot of coffee and chocolate.

All the chocolate options were priced at Rs 30. We thought it was a little steep, even if Cocoa Cottage uses 'pure hand-crafted coverture chocolate'.
Their dessert section was not yet completely operational but they did have a few options. We tried the small Brownie (Rs 40) but I guess, late as it was, the brownie had succumbed to Pune's weather.

Then, we tried Chocolate Mousse (Rs 55). This was velvet heaven. So good was the mousse that we forgot all about the brownie and the chocolates we had binged on and delved further into cocoa land.

At Opposite Lane no 7, North Main Road, Koregaon Park.
Call 41209678

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