Party insiders claim both BJP bigwigs have buried the hatchet and decided put the house in order ahead of civic body elections in Mumbai and Pune

The BJP seems to have finally managed to put its house in order in the state, with the warring factions led by Gopinath Munde and Nitin Gadkari burying the hatchet and calling a truce. According to party sources, a confidential meeting was held between Munde and Gadkari in Delhi a couple of days ago. 

All is well? BJP veterans Nitin Gadkari and Gopinath Munde seem to 
have buried the hatchet keeping the ensuing civic body elections in 
Mumbai and Pune early next year in mind. File PIc

In the closed-door meeting the Munde camp blinked first and agreed to the appointment of BJP leader Vinod Tawde, a Gadkari aide, as the opposition leader of the state legislative council. Returning the favour, Gadkari faction supported the appointment of Yogesh Gogawale, a Munde aide, as the party's state secretary, apparently with an eye on the upcoming civic body elections in Mumbai and Pune. 

The relationship between BJP veterans ran into rough weather two years ago when Vikas Mathkari, belonging to the Gadkari camp, was made the party's Pune chief, shattering the dream of Gogawale and hurting the ego of his mentor. 

No one from the Munde camp had taken forms for candidature for the upcoming PMC elections because of the ongoing ego clash between the stalwarts, but the problem has been fixed. Party insiders said, "Once Tawde replaced Pandurang Phundkar, who is close to Munde, the former deputy chief minister demanded the appointment of Gogawale for the post of state secretary. And Gadkari readily accepted his demand."
Gogawale has, however, said, "I haven't received any such information from senior party leaders. I am not aware of my appointment as a party state secretary so far."