All India Bakchod (AIB) are back in the news. This time they are revisiting an their own campaign to safeguard net neutrality. With just one day to go for "judgement day", the stand-up comedy group have released a new video called “Save the Internet 2 – Judgement Day”. 

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In the new video, the boys of AIB want you to be able to celebrate 'Happy Internet Independence Day' tomorrow. And for that netizens have to cast their vote to free internet.

Just one day before 'Judgement Day', Mumbai-based stand-up comedy group AIB have released a new video called to promote net neutrality so that Indians can celebrate 'Happy Internet Independence Day'

The Mumbai-based comedy collective, who were in the spotlight after their controversial AIB Roast video in January, had come up with a video asking people to "save the internet" in April also.

"The new AIB video is out. This time, we want you to #SaveTheInternet. Share this video and spread the message to everyone you know who uses the Internet. Please, log onto," read a post shared by AIB on their official Facebook page at that time.

The new video like the old one shows AIB lending support to net neutrality and urges people to vote in favour before August 15. It includes a detailed explanation warning the netizens of the consequences if net neutrality is curbed.

Check out the video here:

Video courtesy: All India Bakchod