Hrithik Roshan will be seen shaking a leg with 6-Pack Band, touted as India's first transgender band, in their latest track 'Ae Raju'.

Hrithik Roshan with '6-pack' band members
A still from the song

The song salutes the unabated spirit of the transgender community, and the actor says he was compelled to be part of the song as it addresses a “meaningful” message in a “fun and entertaining way”.

The actor, who has himself successfully battled stammering and more, also shared that “we cannot just reject them just because they are different from us”.

Brooke Bond Red Label tea in association with Y-Films, the youth films’ wing of Yash Raj Films, is back with another song by the band.

In the song the members of band are inspired to fight discrimination and break all social barriers.

The song and its chorus are a lighter take on the trademark ‘Ae Raju’, a term used by the Hijra community. In the video, Hrithik motivates the members of the band to unleash their inner superheroes. The video went live on Y-Films YouTube channel on Tuesday, read a statement.

"I’ve been following the Brooke Bond Red Label 6-pack Band and when I heard that the band is creating a meaningful message in a fun, entertaining way, I had to be a part of it. Shooting with them was an amazing experience,” Hrithik said.

The “Bang Bang!” star added: “I think that one of the main causes of anxiety in the society as a whole is the feeling of differentiation between people. It’s important to feel connected to people around you and we cannot just reject them just because they are different from us.”

The band rendered hits via collaborations with Sonu Nigam, Zanai Bhosle and Arjun Kapoor.

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