Washington D.C.: If you were eagerly waiting for the 1996 block buster film 'Independence Day' sequel, then the wait is over, as the first trailer of the upcoming sci-fi 'Independence Day: Resurgence' has been released.

On the movie's official website, the trailer revealed the fate of Will Smith's character Steven Hiller , E! Online reports.

According to sources, the trailer also unveiled the creation of Warof1996.com - a website that is dedicated to the history of the alien invasion that happened 20 years ago.

Helmed by Roland Emmerich, the forthcoming science fiction film will star actors like Bill Pullman, who played the U.S. president in the first film, Vivica A. Fox, who played Jasmine, the fiancee of Smith's Captain Steven Hiller, Brent Spiner and Judd Hirsch, who will reprise his role as Levinson's father.

The film is slated to be released on June 24, 2016.