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Feb 09, 2012, 08:04 IST | Lindsay Pereira

So, three BJP ministers in Karnataka were caught on camera watching pornography on a mobile phone during Assembly proceedings. The good people on Twitter, naturally, couldn't type out their jokes fast enough.
A certain Joydas tweeted: 'BJP can proudly say their minister was hard at work.' Priya James asked: 'Did an erection or an election bring this BJP MLA into the Karnataka Assembly?'  MTV India weighed in with this: 'The ministers were just doing what all politicians do.

Watching others do their 'jobs' instead of doing their own.' According to Comedy Central India, 'The ministers were just watching a visual representation of what the Government is doing to the country.' And a reminder from Amreekandesi: 'If everybody resigned for watching inappropriate material at work, most offices would be empty.'

From where?
No one knows where the idea of 'Propose Day' came from, but a number of people took it seriously enough to wish each other 'Happy Propose Day.' It prompted someone using the handle 'The Banat' to tweet: 'Happy Propose Day? I'd be willing to bet a month's salary that an engineering student invented this.' Shandy Boy asked: 'What's the point? It's not the day that makes the feeling special, it's the feeling that makes any day and everyday special!'

Not yet
'Sachin almost made a century this time too. Just 52 runs short of it.' That tweet from IbnBattuta was one of many mourning the master cricketer's failed attempt to score that elusive 100th ton. Then again, there was Tazz: 'Sachin should score his 100th 100 in Australia, against Australia not Sri Lanka! I'm glad he got out.'

The last word
From former cop and Magsaysay award winner Kiran Bedi: 'We get who we elect. The good, bad, ugly. Ones who were caught surfing in the Karnataka Assembly were ugly ones we had voted in. Reflect to Reject!'

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