Now, catch all the FIFA World Cup action live from your mobile phone or tablet. Download Liv Sports app from the Google Play Store and iTunes Store or subscribe to any of the live streaming plans to catch all the World Cup action, as it happens. You can chose from the Full Tournament package (available for Rs 120) or the Follow Your Team package (available for Rs 60).

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With the Full Tournament package, you get access to the opening ceremony, 48 matches in the Group stage, 15 matches in the knockout stage, the final match and the closing ceremony, whereas the Follow Your Team package gives you Full HD coverage of each match played by your favourite team.


Subscribers can also watch match highlights and return to any key moment in the match, in an interactive timeline. But not all is paid on the app, as you can stay updated on your favourite matches using real-time stats and in-game commentary available on the Match Centre. Also, catch the latest news on the World Cup and other videos on the same.

The app offers paid live content on cricket, NBA, UFC, tennis, motorsports and TNA. Alternatively, you can catch live action on

Available on: Google Play Store and iTunes Store
Price: Free