Witness the coming together of some of the world's greatest musicians at a music concert that will see them improvise live on stage 

Grammy Award-winner and Veena exponent Pandit Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, flute wizard Pandit Ronu Majumdar, percussion king Trilok Gurtu and Jazz saxophonist George Brookes will combine their musical prowess with singer Roop Kumar Rathod's voice to give the audience an unforgettable experience.

George Brookes

"This is the first time that so many of us are coming together to perform," says Pandit Vishwa Mohan Bhatt.

Quiz him about what to expect from the concert and he says, "It really hasn't been planned yet. It will probably be an impromptu concert. Most of our performances are based on improvisation and we hope to create some compositions right there on stage."

This is the first time that Bhatt will collaborate with Jazz saxophonist Gearge Brookes for a performance in India.

"George is very inspired by Indian music. The concert will see a mix of Western and Indian influences and we hope to create some interesting sounds. It's going to be full of surprises for us as well," Bhatt signs off with a laugh. 

On Today, 7.30 pm
At Shanmukhananda Hall, opposite King's Circle Station, Sion (E).
Call 43222727
Entry Rs 1,500, Rs 1,000,
Rs 500, Rs 300, Rs 200 and Rs 100