Watch video: Rhino gets a belly rub from a cameramanScreenshot of the video

An old video has resurfaced in which a photographer is seen giving a female rhino nice and warm belly rubs.

South African cameraman Garth de Bruno Austin has been filming wild animals in their natural setting for long

In a report in Daily Mail, "I have been lucky enough to film this rhino for quite a few years for my rhino poaching documentary 'Disunity' and because of that have built up a level of trust. Warning others against the dangers of petting wild animals, he added: 'Do not try and do this with a truly wild rhino as it may end up with you being killed."

"I did not approach this animal, it was completely her decision to let me come into her personal space and touch her. 'Once she had enough, she walked away and continued grazing. In light of the recent attacks at a rhino orphanage in South Africa and the zoo in France, the location of this rhino will remain undisclosed for security purpose," he wrote in his YouTube video.

The rhino is in secured in a private sanctuary with 24/7 armed security and has been dehorned to deter poachers.

Watch video here