Watching the watchman

Lindsay PereiraThe drama surrounding Wikileaks founder Julian Assange soon after he was granted asylum by Ecuador made him a trending topic for a while. Charles Edward Frith tweeted: ‘One of the great developments of the persecution of Julian Assange is how the fake left and pseudo socialists stick out.’ According to a certain Matthew Champion, ‘Apparently, several taxi firms have fallen for the hilarious gag of picking up Assange from Ecuador’s embassy.’ There was this tweet from Dave Hughes: ‘Irony = Ecuador, whose President recently imprisoned local journalists for criticising the government, grants Assange asylum.’ Alex was worried that ‘staying indoors all day will make Assange look pale and creepy.’ And from CJ Werleman: ‘If Julian Assange wants Britain to leave him alone, he should disguise himself as toothpaste.’

Quiet, please
To control the rumours leading to the northeast exodus from various cities, the Ministry of Home Affairs banned bulk SMS and MMS for 15 days. Prasad Naik tweeted: ‘Indian government thinks people actually use MMS.’ Farid asked, ‘Why only 15 days? Unsolicited bulk SMS ban should be forever.’ Faking News jumped in with this tweet: ‘Nice. And if you have to punish social media too, ban Google+ for that duration.’ There was also this comment from someone using the handle PM: ‘Oh, they blocked MMS for 15 days? We will miss you Manmohan Singh.’

Bottoms up
Things people say while drinking was another topic of discussion for a while. These, among other examples, cropped up: ‘I swear to drunk I’m not God’, ‘I seriously love her’, ‘Take me drunk, I’m home’, ‘She shells she shells on the she shore’, ‘Next round is on me’ and ‘This is my last drink. I’m not drinking for the next 10 days!’

The last word
From American physician and writer Deepak Chopra: ‘The addiction to security is the cause of all insecurity.’

— Lindsay Pereira is Editor, MiD DAY Online



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