A toddler fan comes to meet Sanjay Dutt in his vanity, and the latter immediately takes a break from our interview to entertain him. His tone changes as he relates to the child, and it's hard to say who's having a better time -- Sanju baba or the kid. Realising that he was in the middle of an answer, the actor digresses to tell CS that he loves children. And he likes to spend every free minute playing with his twins. Sanjay, who has recently made his TV debut with Bigg Boss, talks to us about being a family man:

Who: Sanjay Dutt
What: Talking about his love for children and being a family man

Child's play
I love playing with Shahraan and Iqra and I want to be a great father to them. In fact, I'm a lot like my dad (the late Sunil Dutt) when it comes to dealing with my kids. I'm crazy about them, but I want to raise them up as normal children. They're not going to travel around in my Audi, and get everything that they demand. Their claim to fame can't be that they're Sanjay Dutt's kids. They have to learn to be normal and both Manyata and I work towards that. When they grow up, they can choose what they want to do, but till then, we're going to protect them from the media glare.

Home is where the heart is
It's great to have a wife like Manyata who does a great job at taking care of the twins and me. My house isn't a hotel anymore. My wife has truly transformed it to make it more liveable. And for once, I love to come back home because it's always a joy to spend time with my family. Having said that, I'm generally not the sort who would enjoy being cooped up at home. I guess that's because I've spent a long time in jail and I know what it means to be stranded in a place that doesn't have an exit. Now I start feeling claustrophobic if I'm in one place for a long time. But I like being home when I know that I can step out and meet people whenever I want to.

Making headlines
I'm quite a regular guy and my life is quite regular. On a normal day, I would get up, have breakfast, play with my kids, head to the gym, go for work, come back and play with my kids...  And yes, I do end up watching quite a bit of television when I have some free time at home. For some reason, I love seeing the news and get excited when there's a big story. Maybe my interest in news stems from the fact that I made news for a long time. I have become a little jaded since then about the role of the media, but I'm not complaining.