Dear Diana,
I have been with my boyfriend for two years. We have had a lot of issues. Once we ended up fighting on the streets. It was due to my excesses that he decided to take a break last month.

Dear Diana
Illustration/Amit Bandre

He feels that we should be apart for three months and then take stock of the situation. We would keep arguing and it got too much to handle. All I want is constant attention from him. He thinks I am being insecure and demanding. We want very different things from our relationship which leads to constant bickering. We fight about everything from spending time with friends to how we feel we are being treated including how we chew food. We have a lot of trouble being considerate to each other. Should I move on and accept that we are incompatible. Or should we try a new approach? Do you think I should just give him time and keep my lips zipped?
— Ankita

Dear Ankita,
A break will do you good as you are having serious relationship troubles as you are not on the same wavelength. You need to introspect and take stock of where you see yourself. Do you see a future in the relationship? Instead of bickering, talk things out with your boyfriend. It appears that your excessiveness was the main cause of constant fights. Learn to calm down and not react to every single thing that affects you. Sometimes you need to overlook certain things instead of creating a scene for everything. You should also be willing to make changes in your behaviour to work things out. Rather than focussing on your own feelings, take time to understand what your guy thinks and feels. Learn to empathise and be considerate if you want to be in the relationship.