Dear Diana,
I find myself in an unusual predicament. My best friend and I have fallen for the same girl. We met her at a birthday party of a common friend. He introduced us to her. We both got along well with her and kept in touch. But somewhere down the line, I got serious about her. My pal then started behaving odd with me. He said he was in love with her and had already expressed his feelings for her. All this has led to a dent in our friendship of over 10 years. Now we are both wooing her and we are waiting to know who she will finally choose. Each one of us has asked the girl who she likes. But she says she needs time to make up her mind. What do I do? I can't see myself away from her. I am hoping that she chooses me. At the same time, I am puzzled that even though she knows we both have the hots for her, she is playing along with both of us. Is she serious about us?
— Vishesh

Dear Diana

Dear Vishesh
You can live on hope and love, but chances are this girl is going to dump you both. She is well aware that you two are interested in her, so she is playing along. She is enjoying the attention she is getting from you two guys. At the end, the girl will go with someone else. Her answer that she needs time to think is a clear giveaway. This woman is not interested in either of you. Get the hint and get going with your life. It is strange that even though she is well aware of the affections of both you guys, she is playing along. You cannot trust this woman. You need to tell your pal also not to be blinded in love and see the real picture.