We struggled with each other: Charlize Theron on shooting with Tom Hardy

Charlize Theron has confirmed that things were not easy between her and British actor Tom Hardy during the filming of 'Mad Max: Fury Road'.

Tom Hardy

It’s a long acknowledged fact that Theron and Tom weren’t exactly wild about each other during the shooting. Now, the Oscar winner has opened up further on issues with the British actor during the nine months they were shooting. “From what I hear, he’s not like that on every movie,” she told a magazine recently.

Theron added, “Maybe the movie is what it is because we struggled so much with each other, and those characters had to struggle so much with each other. If we were chum-chum, maybe the movie would have been 10 times worse.”

Theron has spoken previously about her onset clashes with Hardy. She said last year that they “drove each other crazy.” And when filming finally ended, her co-star presented her with a self-portrait and the note: “You are an absolute nightmare, BUT you are also f***ing awesome. I’ll kind of miss you. Love, Tommy.”

  • Dave04-Apr-2016

    I think the reason of the tension was the difficult work situation. And i do think Charlize isn't the most easy lady to work with herself. I know many actors/ directors who loved working with Tom; Bale, Dicaprio, Rapace, Chastain, Pierce, Cumberbatch, Edgerton, Nolan, Steven Night, Hilcoat, O'Connor etc... So don't exaggerate it people!

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