Cops raid warehouse in Hungary

Onlookers may have thought that the intense police action was part of the plot, but when Hungarian police and a SWAT team descended on the set of Brad Pitt's film World War Z on Monday, it was not a scripted event.

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The SWAT team raided a Budapest warehouse where weapons were being stored for use in the epic zombie flick, with anti-terrorism officers seizing 85 guns. The firearms, which were supposed to be nonfunctional, were automatic, military-style assault rifles that were in good working order.

The guns were confiscated at an airport near the film's set.

"This morning a private plane brought guns wrapped in a parcel from a company to an individual [in Budapest]," said the director of Hungary's anti-terrorism unit in a statement. "Guns like these are highly illegal to transport even if they were to [be] used as stage guns, which hopefully they weren't."

A source said that PittĀ -- whose Plan B Entertainment is producing the movieĀ -- isn't to blame for the prop snafu. "The movie company's employees must have made a mistake bringing the guns in without the Anti-Terrorism Unit's permission," said the unnamed source.

The movie, which is being helmed by Oscar-nominated director Marc Forster and is based on a novel by Max Brooks, stars Pitt as a UN employee who is travelling in an effort to stop a zombie plague from wiping out humanity.