Wear god on your sleeve

It's Mahashivratri today. What better time than now to choose from a range of edgy, mythology-inspired apparel that have become a rage of late. Dhara Vora whipped up a divine ensemble that is bound to show you the way to a heavenly high!

Meet Shiva, the heroic god
This tee by Vimanika has a Greek god version of the Indian deity, complete with rippling muscles. The print comes from the artwork of one of Vimanika's graphic novels.
COST Rs 299 to Rs 350

Sport the wrath
Shiva might be known as the great ascetic but he is known as the god of destruction as well. Don this vibrant tee that highlights Shiva in all his might and fury. Ward off the evil and stay above the rest with this one!
COST Rs 499

Drape in the divinity of goddess
This sari by Udd epitomises the power of a woman by printing goddess Durga on the pallu. Hold your head high in this sari, which is also fashionable at the same time with polka dots near the pleats.
COST Rs 8,200
CALL 9819095918

Jai Hanuman!
While Ramayan might be about the story of Ram and Sita, One of the main stars of the epic was Hanuman. Go for this tee that has Hanuman lighting diya with his alight tail.
COST Rs 801

Power of ten heads
Meet the ultimate villain of all times, Ravana. Chumbak's tee stacks up the legendary's villian's ten heads one upon the other resulting in Indian quirk.
COST Rs 500

He's got your back
If a colour print of Shiva is too much for you, go for this black and white print of the God in a peaceful mode.
COST Rs 599

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