Looking beautiful in a dove-grey blouse and white silk pants, actor Kim Sharma has happiness written all over her. And she can't get rid of the smile on her face.
"I think I am a lot happier after marriage. I love Kenya and its wildlife," says Kim. The lady is now busy looking after her husband's hotel business in Mombasa.

Kim Sharma

"It's a new field for me and I am learning by the day," she says. In a candid chat, she talks to CS about her chat mangni-pat byah and life in Kenya:

Whirlwind romance
I met Ali for the first time two months before our marriage. I had gone to Mombasa, Kenya to make an appearance at his hotel. We liked each other instantly we could converse easily and had similar views on things. Our friendship blossomed as we spent more time together. Yeah, I was a little unsure about marriage at the start. But two months later, when Ali popped the question, the first answer that came to my mind was yes. I instinctively agreed and we married the same day. It really was chat mangni, phat byah!

My hubby dearest

Ali is a very flamboyant person and pampers me a lot. Whatever he does, he likes to do it with style. He is also very kind and generous. He has a gentle, patient and soft-spoken personality. Like most men, he loves watching TV, especially football. He is also into cars and gizmos. He is like any boy who loves his toys (laughs).
Life is beautiful
Married life is superb. My in-laws are very supportive and give me my space and independence. The transition from Mumbai to Mombasa wasn't tough. Mombasa is a port city lined with beaches, trees and cafes. There are more open spaces out there, unlike Mumbai. Life is pretty chilled-out. I like to frequent the national parks there. The thrill of watching wildlife from close quarters is something else altogether. Since I am not the kind of woman who likes to sit at home, I decided to enter into my hubby's business. And I am enjoying it immensely.

Cultural connect

I have made a lot of friends in Kenya. My family comes over once in a while to visit me. Ali and I love to spend time at the beach or go for long drives. We also enjoy fishing and camping in the national parks. The local Swahili culture is also quite similar to ours. Moreover, there is a huge Indian population all over Africa, so the land doesn't seem so alien.