Wednesday soul to beat Monday blues

Jan 16, 2012, 06:33 IST | Soma Das

Mondays can sure be depressing, especially if you are stuck in a dead rut. That's why it's best to fast forward to Wednesdays when the glass appears half full as the weekend is in sight.

Sorabh Pant

To help you through similar depressing days, we suggest you read The Wednesday Soul by comedian Sorabh Pant.
This is for all those lovers of dark, morbid humour. In fact, there is barely a single chapter which doesn't talk about death albeit in a light-hearted way.
The story revolves around a 'Delhi Belle' Nyra Dubey who dies and is labelled as a Wednesday Soul or someone who pushed themselves to suicide subconsciously through over-drinking, over-working or over-partying.
Soon, she realises that dying is no walk in the park as she gets kidnapped and finds herself in the centre of a plot to destroy life after life.

The plot may sound wacky but the novel makes for a breezy read. Also, the words of wisdom at the start of each chapter is hilarious.
Sample this 'Human beings love multiplication. They do this through babies. They also love division. They do that through wars' and 'History is often true, except for the facts'. We rest our case.

The Wednesday Soul by Sorabh Pant; published by Westland; Rs 250. Available at leading bookstores.

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