Weekend workshops: Introduce your kids to a galaxy far, far away

From the Matt Damon-starrer, The Martian to Sandra Bullock and George Clooney’s Gravity or the just-released Batman vs Superman, cinema is generating a lot of interest among kids as far as science and technology goes. The science behind space technology, new findings about the universe, and the secret behind Batman and Superman and their capes will be explored in a series of workshops by The Science Adventure.

Kids at a previous session
Kids at a previous session

This weekend (April 3), at a two-hour long session called the Galactic Explorers, 7 to 10-year-olds will learn about the solar system and recent advancements in space science and technology.

"We will explore constellations as part of astronomy, stars, our solar system as well as what makes a space shuttle escape the Earth’s gravity," says Joulyn Kenny, a science educator at The Science Adventure.

Kenny informs that kids will also make charts and take away the model of the craters on moon and a space rocket. "We will distribute worksheets and do fun and education exercises including watching videos," she adds. The Science Adventure will also host a 1.5 hour-long workshop on April 9 for 5-7 year-olds.

Subsequent workshops include: Unravelling the mysteries of the human heart (April 2); Marine biology (April 9); Building simple machines like catapult and parachute (April 10): A weather station and learning about environment and pollution (April 22); Lessons on weight and mass, and Superheroes (April 24 and 30).

ON: April 3 (7-10 years); April 9 (5-7 years) 
Call: 9819288253 (Registration is compulsory)

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