Well played PM, but we need more!

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh surprised his detractors yesterday when he hit out at the Opposition for their behaviour in Parliament, which, in his own words, is ‘the supreme body in the country.’

Not many will disagree that some of the conduct displayed especially over the last few weeks has been nothing short of disgraceful. No, politicians have not thrown chairs at each other, but as Singh pointed out, it has not been allowed “to function session after session.”

The PM is undoubtedly hurt that his integrity has been questioned, and didn’t hold back the punches. All loose talk of the food bill (which the Congress insist has got nothing to do with next year’s elections) and the missing files in the Coal controversy seems to have taken its toll.

Should we be seeing a vocal Manmohan Singh like we did on Friday? Yes. For a person of his position, he speaks far too little, which does justice to the accusation of him not being proactive. His silence has been perceived as his failing.

As much as it was good to see him speaking out about politicians not behaving in a proper manner, it was disappointing to notice a near-muted reaction to the falling of the Indian rupee. India, for all its progress, has become an object of ridicule in the financial world. And the fact that its prime minister was known as an accomplished economist before taking over the big seat adds insult to injury.

Sure, a combination of the ruling party and the Opposition can right the wrongs in our economy, but this is no time to be passive. The people of this country would want to hear more from the PM and not only when he has been cornered.

Hopefully, yesterday’s outburst will lead to a day when the leader is in prime form. 

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